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Brainwavz Delta Silver Earphones: The Review

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Just recently I posted a my review on the Klipsch S4ii, the best in-ear buds on the market for under $100. If you’re a frequent reader of my posts, then you know by now the Klipsch in-earphones are the absolute business when it comes to overall design and sound.Seems as though there’s a new player in town when it comes to getting more value for the buck with earphones that’s not name the Klipsch,but they go by the name of Brainwavz,yes its an actual manufacturers name.

The Brainwavz Delta Silver in ear-buds were recently posted on Wirecutter’s website as being the best bang for your buck headphones for a measly price of…Wait for it, $44, $16 dollars if you’re an Amazon Prime member (get Amazon Prime you save a lot of money on stuff). Seeing this write up on Wirecutter peaked my curiosity, so I ordered the Brainwavz Delta Silver earphones and has been in my possession for 4 days now. Here’s my take on this insanely cheap priced earphones.


The Buds

The design is pretty decent but does have some glaring flaws. First off, let’s talk about what’s impressed me. The cushion portion of the earphones are surprisingly comfortable. It doesn’t feel like the ear canal is being stuffed with cotton balls which is what you get with some in-ear buds, it places perfectly right in your ears. Moving down to the plug itself,which has a slight “J” shape design which fits nice and tight in the audio jack. The plug is encased in a very flexible rubber,this design eliminates excessive bending which almost always causes the headphones wires to short out at the base of the cable. The cable is rounded all rubber which is standard with most headphones,but for me I much rather see flat style cables which reduces tangling. This particular cable does have the tendency to tangle when placed in your pockets.


The mic remote is a lot to be desired,it’s well very flimsy and cheap looking. Its on the upper left side of the cable which in my opinion should be placed a lot lower at the Y shaped base of the cable. The remote mic has a tendency to swing while walking,thus causing the left earphone to come out of the ears. I repeatedly found myself readjusting the ear piece every few minutes. The mic itself works perfectly fine,its responsive and does isolate background noise pretty decently. Trying to adjust the volume though,well lets just say this,it works like crap,seriously. You have to apply extensive amount of force just to adjust the volume.


The Sound

For ear-buds that’s priced so cheap,I got to say the sound is superb. Its not at the level of the more expensive brands like the Klipsch S4ii,but I was rather surprise there were no over saturation in bass,something you usually don’t get with cheap priced earphones. The highs and lows and the bass equalization for me was perfect. More importantly when the ear-buds are placed perfectly in the ears,there is total isolation from outside sound. I must remind you once again these earphones are just $44 ( $16 if you have Amazon Prime).


Overall if you’re looking for earphones (or ear buds) and you’re not looking to drop tons of money for listening pleasure,then get these,Brainwaz Delta Silver earphones.



CES 2015 Update: The New Dell XPS

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When you think of Dell computers, the first thing that comes to mind is,well they’re just a Dell. I mean if you never owned a PC and wanted one,you buy,well a Dell, the starters PC. The PC who main purpose was to just afford you access to the Internet,that’s it. Nothing amazing about the hardware,sub par battery life and definitely not the most eye catching display around. I mean for the most part,its just a Dell.But something has happen to Dell laptops at CES this year,they have morph into something rather amazing. The new Dell XPS are just it,amazing.

The Dell XPS 13 and the 15 made a”Hulk Smash” entrance at CES 2015 with laptops that cover ever category of greatness,amazing display,excellent hardware, and last but not least,impeccable design.

Going in depth,the XPS 13 has an astounding 3200 x 1800 touchscreen display that rivals the likes of Apples own retina display and other laptops with QHD displays, a pretty nice looking backlit keyboard which is standard among other laptops on the market. The battery power on the XPS gets a little interesting,though the XPS already has incredible battery life at 11 hours,for an additional $100 you can purchase a 12,000mAh external battery pack which gives you an extended 7 hours of power, in total we’re talking almost 20 hours of battery life.


The overall design of the Dell XPS 13 is sweet,a carbon fiber layout sandwiched between a solid all aluminum unibody, and its very sharp edge compact design. Also unique is its very thin straight line bezel.

Within the XPS 13,you have the new Broadwell Intel Core i3 processor,4GB of RAM 128GB of solid state storage,connections that feature WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0, two USB 3.0 ports,Mini DisplayPort, an a SD card reader, with retail price of $800. For $900 and $1000 you get the Core i5 and Core i7 with 8GB of RAM.


There is a $1300 version that affords you 3200 x 1800 touchscreen display with 256GB or 512GB solid state storage.

You have to admit though, the $800 version for what you get in features and hardware is a very good deal.


CES Update 2015: Leveno ThinkPad Yoga Powered By Intel Broadwell

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Thinkpad YOGA 12_1


You know why I love Leveno? Because they make some of the best damn laptops around. That’s why when I seen images of the new Leveno ThinkPad Yoga displayed online from CES,I got full details and specs which led me to post a write on this site.

Aside from the design which I’ll get to in minute,it’s hardware that’s got my interest. It sports the new Intel Broadwell-U processor,specifically a Core i7 processor. Both the 14 and 15-inch models by default will have access to the Intel HD Graphics, as an option users can configure dedicated graphics from NVIDIA.

The 12 and 14-inch versions have storage options that include mechanical drives,SSHD and SSDs with storage capping out at 1TB for the spinning platters, 512GB for solid state ( non available on the Yoga 12), so yes we are looking at laptops with hybrid storage drives. The new ThinbkPad Yoga has then usual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

ThinkPad YOGA 14_4

ThinkPad Yoga 14


The real deal breaker for me is its built-in speakers,which are stereo speakers but amazingly enough, on the 15-inch version you’ll have a 2 x 1w famed JBL speakers.The display though only capping at a 1920 x 1080 resolution, all models will an IPS panels with touchscreens.

The port options will include two USB 3.0, one USB 2.0, ONE HDMI, and a SD card reader.

ThinkPad YOGA 15_4

ThinkPad Yoga 15


The ThinkPad Yoga laptops will ship with Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 Pro ,with an option downgrade to Windows 7. About that price and availability? The starting price for the Yoga 12 will go for $999,while the Yoga 14 and 15 will go for $1,199. Availability will take place starting in February.

On a quick note: All versions of the ThinkPad Yoga will have its signature Lift and Lock keyboards.

On another quick note: There are various websites that are considering the new ThinkPad Yoga a tablet,but come we all know its a hybrid laptop/tablet.








CES Update 2015: NVIDIA Tegra X1 Maxwell Ultra Low Power

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As usual at CES, NVIDIA are always making a habit of announcing something big in regards to hardware.Last year it was the highly successful Tegra K1 mobile processor. The same processor that’s found in several devices, that includes the Chromebooks,Acer and HP computers.The Tegra K1 can also be found in NVIDIA’s own Shield tablet and Google Nexus 9.

Ladies and gentleman,NVIDIA brings to you the Tegra X1 Maxwell GPU,the eventual successor the Tegra  K1.



The X1 combines a 64-bit ARM processor with a graphic chip based on the company’s own Maxwell architecture. The K1 itself uses a much older Kepler technology, while the X1 features a 256-core Maxwell GPU and a eight-core 64-bit CPU. NVIDIA states that that high-end features within the chip will become the first Teraflop mobile processor to hit the market. It will also according to NVIDIA, will be an energy efficient processor just like its brethren the Tegra K1.

As told by NVIDIA,the Tegra X1 will be the most powerful mobile processor around. My take on this you’re looking at a very powerful mobile processor,yet will be very efficient in power usage,which is becoming standard in the industry today.


CES Update 2015: D-Links all-new Ultra Performing Routers

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It seems as routers become more powerful in their signal strength along with being laced with an abundance of features,they’re getting very wacky with its design. Case in point with the new Ultra Performing routers by D-Link, the AC5300 DIR-895L/R and the AC3200 DIR-890L/R and the AC3100 DIR-885L/R. Three new routers by D-Link that looks like the stealth bomber,three scary looking routers.

Whats weird in looks comes fully powerful in features, the AC5300 DIR-895L/5 router alone is the first router on the market that will deliver a full Wi-Fi bandwidth with over 5,300Mbps. A tri-band router that has three separate Wi-Fi bands.There is a 2.4GHz band that delivers up to 1,000Mbps and the two 5GHz that delivers up to 2,165Mbps each,simultaneously

The AC3200 DIR-890L/R also a tri-ban router,similar to other routers on the market like for an example Netgear R8000,its 2.4GHz band can deliver up to 600Mbps,while the two 5GHz bands can each deliver up to 1,3000Mbps.

AC3200 Ultra Performance Wi-Fi Routers DIR-890L/R


Finally, we have the AC3100 DIR-885L/R shares the same Wi-Fi specs as the AC5300 above,but is limited to just two Wi-Fi bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz,it delivers up to 3,100Mbps of total bandwidth.

All three routers will have the same stealth bomber scary design,all will support USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet,with a red color scheme,with 4 to 8 external high-power antennas.

The AC3100 Ultra Performance Wi-Fi Router Dir-885L/R




The new routers will share the same new interface,which will be more easier to use than the traditional interface that’s been in place with all D-Link routers for 5 years. It will allow you to control your home network from a mobile device which is probably an industry first,and it will include many more advanced features such as parental control, access restriction,guest networks and QoS.

Only one out of three routers will be available for purchase,the estimated price on the AC3200 will be a whopping $300 US dollars. The other two routers will hit the market in the second quarter of this year.

Credit Source: Cnet





The Worlds Thinnest Hard Drive The Seagate 7

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Apple and One Plus One have launched some of the thinnest smartphones on the market,I mean what can be any thinner? A hard drive.That’s right, there’s a new hard drive that’s being launch by Seagate and it’s call Seven. The name origin comes from the measurements of the hard drive itself which is 7-mm thick,you get it? The hard drive believe  it or not is not a solid state drive,it’ll have actual physical spinning platters at incredible speed within an all-steel chassis. The launching of the hard drive will commemorate the 35th anniversary of Seagate introducing  the world’s first mass produced 5.25-inch storage drive for the PC.


There are no full details of the Seagate 7 hard drive other than it will have a 500GB capacity and retail for $99.99, it will be available mid-to late January.

Credit Source: The Verge and Seagate

The iPhone 6-Plus Revisited Three Months Later: Likes and Dislikes

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Its been almost 4 months since I’ve purchased the iPhone 6-Plus which by the way is my daily driver. I must admit,I’m a long time iPhone owner, but I was this close to getting the Galaxy Note 4 because I wanted the experience of using a Android base smartphone.In the end,I decided get the iPhone 6-Plus because I wanted to experience using iOS on a much bigger smartphone.

Even though I’ve written a review about my iPhone 6-Plus which you can go read for yourself by digging in the archive,to get a feel on any device you own,you need to spend a good deal of time with your gadget,say 3 to 4 months.

In the last 3 1/2 months of iPhone 6-Plus ownership,I’ve compiled some likes and dislikes I have for the device.



My Like

The first thing that jumped out for me with the iPhone 6-Plus is the size,it took me about a couple of weeks to get used to handling a much larger smartphone,but after further usage,I don’t think I’ll ever go back to small smartphone,love seeing retina on much larger smartphone display. Viewing text and watching videos are with great clarity.

The design of the iPhone 6-Plus is beautiful,despite all the bend gate fiasco, the smartphone for me is rather sturdy. In my review,I wrote unless you’re applying massive force to the iPhone 6-Plus,I can’t see the smartphone easily bending.  So if your question is have my iPhone 6-Plus be subjected to any bending? The answer is no. (fingers cross).

The battery life is a big big upgrade from previous generations iPhone’s. No longer do I have to wall hog with the dreaded power brick and cable to charge my device after two hours of usage,with confidence I can literally leave my charger home. The longer battery life was for me the big selling point for the iPhone 6-Plus. Literally can sop a full day of usages and then some without resorting to charge and still come home and have enough power left to get me through the night,all again without charging my device.

I really love the camera on the 6-Plus, the iPhone camera,its always been the best out of any smartphone on the market. The same can be said with the iPhone 6-Plus,top notch camera in comparison to the Galaxy Note 4, despite not having a high pixel count at 8MP. Its Apple owns image stabilization technology that enables the camera to take gorgeous pictures even in low light conditions.



My Dislike

My dislike is the hardware,Apple with all its money resources should have instituted better hardware that rivals the Samsung Galaxy or even the One Plus One. The iPhone 6-Plus hardware though it flows well with iOS 8, its a bit dated for today’s standard. The hardware in the iPhone 6-Plus its,well 2012.

Please give a proverbial thumbs down to iOS 8,which basically is a slight upgrade from iOS 7. There were are some good features in iOS 8 don’t get me wrong,but for me, this has to be the buggiest mobile OS Apple has ever put out. The quick type features needs a complete overhaul I mean I don’t know how many times I mistype an entire sentence while text,quick type in Android is more stable and it actually works. Don’t get me started with the random crashing I get when I pull up certain apps, even several iOS 8 and app updates,I still get random crashes.

Then we have data usage,is it me or is iPhone 6-Plus suddenly a data hog,I’m almost sure this is once again a software issues, as there are some apps you literally have to shut off when not in use because they soak up so much data.












Samsung Unveils The ATIV One Curved All-In-One Desktop

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Its no secret that Samsung are known for putting out some of the finest mobile devices around,its basically their biggest money maker right now. The aforementioned Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is by far in my opinion one of the best 5-inch mobile devices on the market.

Those who aren’t familiar with the companies background,Samsung are also known for manufacturing computers and creating some of the finest storage devices around.In the past couple of years though,Samsung have been bit quiet in the computer front,not releasing anything that’ll blow you away. This past Tuesday though,Samsung introduces not another new mobile device,but a new computer,the Samsung ATIV One 7 all-in-one desktop computer.


The all-in-one desktop has a distinct design that stands out from the rest on the market, a 27-inch curve display. The display itself will wrap its 1920 x 1080 display around the users field of vision.

On the hardware front, the AIO (all-in-one)  desktop will carry an Intel Core i5 processor ( no mention of clock speed), 8GB of RAM and a 1TB of hard drive. The overall AIO will be supported by an built-in adjustable stand and additional keyboard and mouse. It also have two built-in 10-Watt Dolby speakers for your sound output.


The current model in the images in this post surprisingly will not feature touch capability. It will have the usual standard HDMI,USB 3.0,USB 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet ports.

The Samsung ATIVE One Curve AIO will have a pending price of about $1299 and will hit stores first quarter 2015.Curious to see whether or not computer manufacturers will follow suit and go with curve design on its display since we are seeing a plethora of curve TV’s and desktop monitors on the market.



The NVIDIA Shield Tablet Get A OTA2.1 Update

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If you’re a owner of the NVIDIA SHIELD then you are in a good standing to receive a huge update, software version 2.1. This new release will update in increments Android Lollipop to 5.0.1,sprinkle a bit of software bundle,improve localization support and will add OpenGL 4.5.

Though Google normally doesn’t support OpenGL on the entire platform, NVIDIDA will still institutes its very own SDKs. The main features within this new update is mostly geared toward software security.

Now this is somewhat old news as the update was released last week technically,but felt incline to write this post for you NVIDIA Shield tablet owners or potential owners. If you read my year ending tablet award post,the NVIDIA SHIELD was my choice as one of the best tablets in 2014.It’s a great gaming tablet where you can actually play some pretty decent games, and the SHIELD has damn good hardware.




The Klipsch Image S4i-II White In-Ear Headphones: The Review

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Its been awhile since I’ve done a review,its a long time coming,without wasting precious text,lets get right into it,my new Xmas gift the Klipsch Image S4i ll ear buds. The S4ii is another long line of noise canceling headphones with 3-button remote and added mic, patented oval ear tips that does provide some comfort,more on that later. Now that I have outlined the features with the Klipsch S4i I have some things to say about these all white ear-buds.


First off the design of the S4i II is pretty sleek,I’ve never had white headphones except for the never use defaulted white headphones that comes with the iPhone. I mean black has always been my color, I feel all white headphones is a bit to feminine for me and no I’m in no way shape or form bashing females. For the most part the all white color scheme seem to bold well with the Klipsch S4ii.



There is a problem,wait let me rephrase that,there is a major problem with the cable and 3-button remote on the Klipsch S4ii. First off the cable with this particular model are flat which suppose to keep the cable from mysteriously forming into a tangle ball. Which I have to say so far I have not experience any forms of cable tangling.

Then we have the remote mic and volume rocker which is convenient provided that it won’t fail on me. Its seems like every headphones I’ve purchased in the past couple of years that have 3-button remotes seem to all go bad on me after about a couple months of usage, so in essence 3-button remote headphones aren’t the most durable devices.


The flat build cables combine with the remote can be a bit weighed down so its important that you really fit the buds in your ears nice and snuggley. The sound though,that’s whole new topic.

About that sound,man,probably the best sounding headphones in particularly for ear-buds Iv’e ever purchased. In fact,even my much older Klipsch ear buds still output incredible sound. These Klipsch S4ii has a combination of perfect bass with even leveled highs and lows. I always said this,too much bass does not make for great sound,I’m sure most would agree. The drawback with the sound with the Klipsch S4ii is you might have to turn your music down a bit so you ear-drums won’t explode out of  your skull,that speaks volumes on the sound clarity. The the sound isolation with the Klipsch S4ii is absolutely perfect,there is no leakage of outside noise at all,its just you and your music. I must forewarn you,I would not wear these headphones walking down a dark street with the sound volume turn on full blast.

All and all,if you can withstand the heaviness of the 3-button remote and cables I say these headphones are a definite buy. They were $78 on Amazon,but since then the price have risen to $99 which for me is a bit high,especially when most earbud headphones seem to have a minimum shelf life. The sound alone on these Klipsch S4ii makes it worth the purchasing.