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CES Update 2015: D-Links all-new Ultra Performing Routers

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It seems as routers become more powerful in their signal strength along with being laced with an abundance of features,they’re getting very wacky with its design. Case in point with the new Ultra Performing routers by D-Link, the AC5300 DIR-895L/R and the AC3200 DIR-890L/R and the AC3100 DIR-885L/R. Three new routers by D-Link that looks like the stealth bomber,three scary looking routers.

Whats weird in looks comes fully powerful in features, the AC5300 DIR-895L/5 router alone is the first router on the market that will deliver a full Wi-Fi bandwidth with over 5,300Mbps. A tri-band router that has three separate Wi-Fi bands.There is a 2.4GHz band that delivers up to 1,000Mbps and the two 5GHz that delivers up to 2,165Mbps each,simultaneously

The AC3200 DIR-890L/R also a tri-ban router,similar to other routers on the market like for an example Netgear R8000,its 2.4GHz band can deliver up to 600Mbps,while the two 5GHz bands can each deliver up to 1,3000Mbps.

AC3200 Ultra Performance Wi-Fi Routers DIR-890L/R


Finally, we have the AC3100 DIR-885L/R shares the same Wi-Fi specs as the AC5300 above,but is limited to just two Wi-Fi bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz,it delivers up to 3,100Mbps of total bandwidth.

All three routers will have the same stealth bomber scary design,all will support USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet,with a red color scheme,with 4 to 8 external high-power antennas.

The AC3100 Ultra Performance Wi-Fi Router Dir-885L/R




The new routers will share the same new interface,which will be more easier to use than the traditional interface that’s been in place with all D-Link routers for 5 years. It will allow you to control your home network from a mobile device which is probably an industry first,and it will include many more advanced features such as parental control, access restriction,guest networks and QoS.

Only one out of three routers will be available for purchase,the estimated price on the AC3200 will be a whopping $300 US dollars. The other two routers will hit the market in the second quarter of this year.

Credit Source: Cnet






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