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CES Update 2015: NVIDIA Tegra X1 Maxwell Ultra Low Power

File-It-Under: Trade show coverage By: D.F.Skinner




As usual at CES, NVIDIA are always making a habit of announcing something big in regards to hardware.Last year it was the highly successful Tegra K1 mobile processor. The same processor that’s found in several devices, that includes the Chromebooks,Acer and HP computers.The Tegra K1 can also be found in NVIDIA’s own Shield tablet and Google Nexus 9.

Ladies and gentleman,NVIDIA brings to you the Tegra X1 Maxwell GPU,the eventual successor the Tegra  K1.



The X1 combines a 64-bit ARM processor with a graphic chip based on the company’s own Maxwell architecture. The K1 itself uses a much older Kepler technology, while the X1 features a 256-core Maxwell GPU and a eight-core 64-bit CPU. NVIDIA states that that high-end features within the chip will become the first Teraflop mobile processor to hit the market. It will also according to NVIDIA, will be an energy efficient processor just like its brethren the Tegra K1.

As told by NVIDIA,the Tegra X1 will be the most powerful mobile processor around. My take on this you’re looking at a very powerful mobile processor,yet will be very efficient in power usage,which is becoming standard in the industry today.



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