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Brainwavz Delta Silver Earphones: The Review

File-It-Under: Reviewed audio By: D.F.Skinner


Just recently I posted a my review on the Klipsch S4ii, the best in-ear buds on the market for under $100. If you’re a frequent reader of my posts, then you know by now the Klipsch in-earphones are the absolute business when it comes to overall design and sound.Seems as though there’s a new player in town when it comes to getting more value for the buck with earphones that’s not name the Klipsch,but they go by the name of Brainwavz,yes its an actual manufacturers name.

The Brainwavz Delta Silver in ear-buds were recently posted on Wirecutter’s website as being the best bang for your buck headphones for a measly price of…Wait for it, $44, $16 dollars if you’re an Amazon Prime member (get Amazon Prime you save a lot of money on stuff). Seeing this write up on Wirecutter peaked my curiosity, so I ordered the Brainwavz Delta Silver earphones and has been in my possession for 4 days now. Here’s my take on this insanely cheap priced earphones.


The Buds

The design is pretty decent but does have some glaring flaws. First off, let’s talk about what’s impressed me. The cushion portion of the earphones are surprisingly comfortable. It doesn’t feel like the ear canal is being stuffed with cotton balls which is what you get with some in-ear buds, it places perfectly right in your ears. Moving down to the plug itself,which has a slight “J” shape design which fits nice and tight in the audio jack. The plug is encased in a very flexible rubber,this design eliminates excessive bending which almost always causes the headphones wires to short out at the base of the cable. The cable is rounded all rubber which is standard with most headphones,but for me I much rather see flat style cables which reduces tangling. This particular cable does have the tendency to tangle when placed in your pockets.


The mic remote is a lot to be desired,it’s well very flimsy and cheap looking. Its on the upper left side of the cable which in my opinion should be placed a lot lower at the Y shaped base of the cable. The remote mic has a tendency to swing while walking,thus causing the left earphone to come out of the ears. I repeatedly found myself readjusting the ear piece every few minutes. The mic itself works perfectly fine,its responsive and does isolate background noise pretty decently. Trying to adjust the volume though,well lets just say this,it works like crap,seriously. You have to apply extensive amount of force just to adjust the volume.


The Sound

For ear-buds that’s priced so cheap,I got to say the sound is superb. Its not at the level of the more expensive brands like the Klipsch S4ii,but I was rather surprise there were no over saturation in bass,something you usually don’t get with cheap priced earphones. The highs and lows and the bass equalization for me was perfect. More importantly when the ear-buds are placed perfectly in the ears,there is total isolation from outside sound. I must remind you once again these earphones are just $44 ( $16 if you have Amazon Prime).


Overall if you’re looking for earphones (or ear buds) and you’re not looking to drop tons of money for listening pleasure,then get these,Brainwaz Delta Silver earphones.



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