About Me


In the beginning 

The birth of Tekspecz.net took place on June 6th 2004 when I mustered up enough heart to build my own computer. Always the type of person who wanted to see how things work,I was always highly intrigue with computers and the Internet to the point I wanted to be part of something big,this whole thing we call technology. After 2004 I took it a step further and began reading more books on technology that consist of hardware,networking, and software,I was thirsting for knowledge,hungry for information,I wanted to master all levels of technology. Then it dawn upon me,there are those who have excess to this technology yet they just don’t know how to use it,fix it,or master it.

Lets face it,the manufacturer’s of these incredible gadgets,computers and software do a horrific job explaining the technology that they are selling, the basics you know,how to troubleshoot,how to use it,how to put it together. This bugged me so much I made a conscious effort to do something about this. If you shell out hard earn cash to have access to such great technology and believe me,we are all shelling out a lot of money,then I think its duty of the Microsoft’s and the Apple’s of the world explain the basics to consumers who’s laying down the cash.

What is Tespecz.net

So the question is what is Tekspecz.net? Tekspecz is technical specification information of all things technology,the oracle of technical information that covers various topics from hardware,the Internet,software, and mobile technology and breaking news in technology,breaking down technology to the sum of all parts. I want this website to appeal to not just the computer novice,the experience users,but I want to reach out and grab the casual tech users,the less knowledgeable,the clueless,pull people into this geek culture. I want share the knowledge that I’ve obtain over the years with the masses,the proverbial each one teach one.

Infused into one

The website base of Tekspecz.net does not just entitle delivering information via the Internet. There is also the tech service which falls under the same umbrella. I not only want to talk and write about tech,I want to help those that need a quick technology fix,albeit upgrading hardware,troubleshooting,software installation,and networking. All proceeds from my tech service will go right back into building this website. The grand ultimate goal is build a popular website and have it comparable to the likes of Engadget,The Verge,Anand Tech three of my favorite tech websites.

The future,the plan,the goal

It doesn’t end with just the website,I also plan on putting together a YouTube channel where it will entail un-boxing’s ,gadget reviews, and tech news. But wait it does not end with just a YouTube channel,there will be a weekly podcast that I have in the works. So as you see this is an ambitious project that is not going to be easy,I’m the lone warrior in this battle (Lame metaphor,but you get the point), but hey you have to start somewhere and hopefully Tekspecz.net will grow into a national brand. How do I build a brand,with one follower at a time.Wish me luck,the journey begins.



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