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Welcome to the tech support/Service page of,yes you read it correctly the tech support. This is a tech service side of,we don’t just cover technology but we actually make a difference in making one’s technology experience an positive one. Its one thing to fix someones computer,but its another thing to educate the client or user as to what is going on. Not to knock other tech services but if you’re going to command a dollar for services rendered,its important to educate the client,let em know the why,what,when and how. People for the most part just want to enjoy their devices or computers,to put it bluntly,if it powers on everything is all good. What happens when things just don’t go well? What happens when your computer crashes to oblivion? My Internet has crapped out,why?

In comes, we solve the what,when,why and how with precision patience,determine researching,and most important good ole honesty,I like to call myself the tech detective who hates to give up on a problem. If its fixable,the device is doable,if the device or computer can’t be fixed we will offer an honest alternative,no beating around the bush,remember you are the customer who’s paying for  our services.

With that said,here’s a list of services that is provided by along with the price listing.

Computer Setup  $70.00

This consist of making sure right away that you enjoy an positive computer experience. We’ll update your system,setup all of your user accounts,connect your computer to my Internet here at the workshop so I or we can install programs. We will also connect your computer to a monitor and speakers,mouse and keyboard so I can install and update hardware drivers to your system. I will also along with computer setup test out your Internet connectivity along your existing network. While I’m on the the topic of network,we are more than willing to set your default web browser,its homepage tool bar settings. We will also install and update any such Internet security software that available to your liking or what I think will suit your system. We install and configure apps/software programs such as Adobe Reader,install Operating systems Windows 7 or Windows 8 and yes even install Mac OSX .

Computer Tune-Up $50.00

Just like a car, your computer will run better if it gets its dosage of regular maintenance care. Let us get under the hod of your machine and delete pesky left over files,update existing software and remove unwanted programs.We will even do physical maintenance that includes blowing out dust from your fans,blowing out dust off of your motherboard and power supply.

Hardware Installation  $80.00 and up pending hardware type

If you need that piece of hardware installed or replace in your computer,then we are more than willing to do so simply bring your computer to the workshop or welcome us to your place of dwelling. We’ll install the new hardware which consist of hard drive,graphic card,power supply, webcam,microphone and the one thing that all systems need is memory, the RAM. We’ll break down the hardware for you and give you a detail quick lesson on how to install it,place it in and where to locate the hardware drivers.


Data Backup and Transfer $70.00

Lets face it,it is absolutely imperative that you backup your data because things happen,lighting strikes,coffee spillage,zombie Apocalypse, there is no plan for the unexpected disaster. Grab the Bull by the balls and take preventive measures,let us create a backup of your files and help you setup a routine to keep your data safe and intact. We will either choose external option or software option for backing up your data. The software option would include DropBox,Google Drive, SkyDrive and even the paid services like Carbonite, iDrive. Not only will we backup your data,but we will also demonstrate how to backup your data.


 Networking and Wireless Networking  $90.00

Do you want to properly connect your computers to the Internet or even better,break free from wired shackles of the Ethernet cord connect to the world wire free? We can most certainly make it all happen by getting your new or existing network up and running all with proper security measures that includes encrypting your wireless router so that smart prying bad guy won’t sniff out your data.


Tech Consultation $50.00

If you’re wondering if you need to upgrade your PC beyond Windows 98 ? Then you might be in need of a little bit of assessment of your technology. Simply have us at place of dwelling,tell us what you’d like to do and we’ll put together a well customize game plan to help get out of the technology time warp.



Now you’ve seen my price listings with details of what each job ensues, I believe in cuing in the client to everything that we are doing,even better teach and instruct you. The customer have every right to know what’s going on,I mean you are shelling out the hard earn cash. Its only fair to do a job with precision and most important be honest with the customer. I’m looking forward to solving your technology issues and helping you get through this new era of technology emporium.









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